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Customer Review
Joseph C. Allen
First Dashcam ExperienceReviewed in the United States on December 8, 2019
I bought this product based on a couple factors.1. I live and work in a hot climate (Middle East) so I needed a camera that can hold up in a hot climate.2. I had never heard of VanTrue but I saw they were highly recommended throughout my research.A lot of cameras I saw out there which were designed to work in hot climates seemed to sacrifice the GPS module in favor of a cooler running device whether it be powered by a standard battery or via supercapacitors.This model had what I was looking for, front and rear coverage, motion detector to record when your car is parked, large field of view for recording, GPS, shock sensor, clear recording day or night.Room for improvement:The screen is miniscule... I would love a bigger display, but this is probably a good thing, perhaps drivers would be distracted trying to watch the cam while operating the vehicle.If you could wirelessly connect to the camera and view/delete recordings. Currently you need to either remove the SD card and put it in your laptop or connect your laptop to the camera neither of which is convenient for me.Add an optional lane departure warning.Add Voice controls or Google integration.Even with these wants I am really happy with my purchase. This is a quality product I recommend it to anyone looking for a Dashcam