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Customer Review
No cable issues which some people reported. Great dash cam with a rear camera!Reviewed in the United States on November 17, 2019
Overall, this is a great dash cam and I love it. I have a N2 model as well, but it was worth upgrading especially due to the wonderful rear camera of this model(and also some other features)!If you install the dashcam cable properly, there are no "design flaw" issues. There are some negative comments in the review about the design issues of front and rear cameras related to "crossing" or "weird angle" of the cable. This happens when a cable which connecting the rear-front cameras is installed in reverse. The L shape side of the cable should go to the front camera, and the straight side should go to the rear camera. Vantrue should put a sheet of further explanation of the cable installation to avoid this issue, so people do not have to think there is a design flaw.When buying a dash cam with a separated rear camera, make sure to buy several cable clips with 3M adhesive tapes, so you can nicely organize the cables.Good; - Great picture quality of front and rear camera. The rear camera is as good as the front. Wide range camera as advertised. Good night vision. Parking mode works well(you need a heat-resistant battery during summer). - The cameras are installed with adhesive tape, not suction mount(all suction mount becomes weak eventually and a camera drops) - Easy to remove and install Micro-SD card. The location of the slot of the card is very accessible. - GPS. Dash Cam Player is downloadable and show a map when playing the video. Good legal records, and also fun to play the memory of traveling.Bad; No big issues, but I write some thoughts below. - Mannual can become better. For example, - the cable direction of connecting front-rear cameras to avoid connecting in reverse - Instillation tips of rear camera: I found out the best location to install rear camera is the top center of rear windshield, but no explanation is written in the manual. I should have installed the rear camera location higher, but difficult to remove the mount due to very strong adhesive tape. The installation would be very simple if there were a bit more explanation on the manual.- The price can be little higher side, but maybe descent considering all its functions and quality.- I wish there were a USB or HDMI output connector on the front device to display the rear camera view, so I can use it while my car is backing.- The connector of the rear camera could be on its upper side, rather than its left. Some people may feel the cable is little disturbing in the rear-view mirror initially, although there are no practical problems while you are seeing the rear-view mirror since the cable and also rear camera are small enouth. The connector is probably on its left side to install the camera up-side down if needed, so, this is good and bad. Personally, the cable does not bother me at all, although I first thought it could.