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Customer Review
Parking mode stops too soon.Reviewed in the United States on November 14, 2019
Camera is nice, but the parking mode recording stops too soon. That's why i bought this for. The camera didn't capture wether someone scratched my bumper because the camera stopped recording even though there was motion in view . A Car was trying to squeeze into the parking space behind me and possibly hit me but The recording stopped. It activated again 2 minutes later. The driver behind already left his car and no other footage was taken.Update: i giving it 2 stars now because it happened again. The front camera records something and once the activity is gone the recording stops even though there's activity going on with the rear camera. Happens vice versa. Someone may have tapped my rear bumper, but the recording stopped because the activity in the front of the camera stopped.Another update(july2020): when this first came out, it was advertised that it wouldn't kill the battery and it rarely does it; but it always kills my battery. My battery is new and it drained that battery after 1 day of sitting. I guess i now need to buy a battery bank if i want to keep my car battery alive.You don't need a Samsung SD card. I have a sandisk endurance 256gb. It works just fine. Idk why they advertise to only use a samsung or their SD card.update: august 2021. I'm giving it one star now. I had to buy two 30,000Mah battery banks to keep this powered. one battery bank only lasts about a day so, I have to recharge them and swap them out daily. The front camera slowly started to have it's problems like not recording even when parking mode is on. I would come and find that the camera froze and glitched out. I would get these lines across the screen. I updated the software and it didn't really help.I had to replace my rear cam because it couldn't focus on cars that were parked behind me, so they sent me a replacement. from china. this was right when covid was still over in china and not inside the US. I asked if i could get one that's already here, but they said their cameras are stored in china. In all, the cam + hard wiring + battery banks, I spent like maybe $300 just to try and get this camera functional and it only lasted a little over a year and a half.