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Customer Review
Ralph L. Kennedy
Camera Motion Feature Below Par/Inadequate - Vantrue is NOTtrueReviewed in the United States on October 27, 2019
This customer looked forward to having a 2-camera system that would provide a motion sensor. The Vantrue S1 does NOT cut the mustard. During low and no light and zero motion, such as parked in my garage, the camera records. Yes, it records constantly and I set the controls properly. When hard wired this will drain the battery. The motion feature was oversold and does not work as advertised and as noted form the emails I received from Vantrue. I paid to have the camera installed so feeling kind of stuck with it. Now will have it changed to switched installation (not hard wired) and use a power pack/charger.Get your act together, Vantrue. You should come clean about the S1 unit. Also, noted--grainy night video playback, excellent daytime but unable to read license plates with night video and only close up (3ft) with day video. If you insist on hard wiring then do not park the unit with the wires too close to your car GPS (re: passenger side).