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Customer Review
Great camera, rear camera has slight flaws. Room for improvement.Reviewed in the United States on August 17, 2019
The pros and cons of the OnDash S1 by Vantrue:Pros:-Sleek camera design.-LCD and images look sharp.-Video recordings are vibrant, colorful and clear.-Rear camera is very compact but slight issue.. see belowCons:-rear camera mini usb cord to main, front dash camera needs could use a redesign. Makes for a more difficult installation-The angle of the LCD and buttons once mounted are a bit awkward for my vehicle.- Similar brands have more competitive prices.While I like the look and images captured by this camera, there is an issue that I feel needs to be addressed with the rear-view camera. The micro usb to micro usb, 20 foot cord that is provided has 90 degree angles where it attaches. The position of the cord once connected interferes with angle at which the camera can record at. When the camera lens is pointed in a straight line of view, the 90 degree micro usb attachment is perpendicular to the mount. It makes it awkward and difficult to keep a straight line of view. If the Micro usb attachment was inserted parallel to the camera lens, there would be no issue. I'll be looking for a micro usb to micro usb that doesn't attach a 90 degree, that would be the other solution. For now, I will not make use of the rear camera.Overall I find there is a lot to like about this dash cam. If the design flaw is fixed, I would wholeheartedly support this brand. Until then I can only give this dash cam a solid 3.5 stars.*8/20/19 Update* Vantrue has great customer service. After seeing the issue I was having, they personally reached out to me and sent me the mini-usb cable I needed. I really have to say the camera and system is a solid 4 stars but the customer service is what made it worthy of 5 stars.