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Customer Review
Everardo Valadez
Fantastic Dash Cam, Vantrue always delivers!Reviewed in the United States on August 6, 2019
The video provided is on time lapse mode, which can be deactivated from the camera settings at any time.I use this S1 dash cam for my daily driven vehicle. I've been using Vantrue for quite a few years now and I'm happy they came out with this specific model finally. The front and rear dash cams record flawlessly without issues. When you go to watch the videos, they don't skip or freeze a couple seconds during playback. They capture at very good quality and I couldn't have been more satisfied with this product.I have mine hardwired and it stays on even when I leave the car. It will automatically go into parking mode, which only starts recording if it detects movement with the front dash cam only, after 5 minutes of being left unmoved. The GPS speed is very accurate and built in as to not need a separate GPS mount. It's very user friendly and settings are pretty easy to manipulate.The front dash cam will display both front and rear views at the same time or, if you'd wish, only display the front or the rear at one time at the touch of a button. I use a 32GB Samsung Evo Plus SD card and have had no problems with corrupt/missing videos. This amount of storage will allow for just shy of 3 hours, front and rear recording simultaneously.Here in Phoenix AZ, the inside temps of a vehicle can easily reach over 150 degrees Fahrenheit. This dash cam will still work even after being in the hot sun all day, but it is recommended to park in shade if possible so the dash cam can stay cooler. The video quality isn't affected whatsoever with high temperatures and the audio is always very good as well.I highly recommend for anyone to get this S1 dash cam, you will not be disappointed. Front and rear recording, built in GPS, extreme temperature tolerance, and easy to wire in yourself or with the help of someone else. Vantrue has very good customer service and their products have never failed me once, which is why I am still a loyal customer 5 years strong.