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Customer Review
Be sure to get a Samsung EVO card.Reviewed in the United States on August 5, 2019
The camera came packaged with following items.1. Front S1 Dash Camera2. Rear Camera3. 12 V adapter for camera (mini-USB)4. Cable to connect rear camera (mini-USB to mini-USB)5. USB to mini-USB cable (for charging & connecting to computer) outside of the car6. Front Camera Mount7. Rear Camera Mount8. Additional 3M stickers9. Manual & Qucik Start Guideimage.pngThe only thing you will need to add is microSDXC card - the manual recommends Samsung EVO cards so that's what I purchased.The setup was easy - included sticky mounting part has held the camera well for over 3 weeks now even in near 100F weather.The plugs are properly orientated so that with power and rear cable plugged in they stagger nearly and there is 90 degree bend upward making it very easy to do a professional looking install yourself.There is a hardwired kit available if you wish to have it hardwired instead of using the included 12V lighter socket plug to enable recording even when vehicle is off by tapping into an always hot wire.I configured my settings to do a 5 minutes loop. One thing to clarify - it will only start overwriting old footage once the memory card is full, so even if you have it set to 5 minutes loop, the bigger the memory card, the longer history you will have. Each video file is split in 5 minutes, so it's easy to find and save the clips you need.There are three even sensitivity settings and I ended up increasing it to most sensitive mode. While this sometimes get triggered even by a pot hole, since I have 256GB memory cared it still gives me lot of storage and time until I'd have to clean up the automatically saved clips.There is also a button to press if you want to manually lock a file so it does not get deleted.The neat thing about the software is that all these event based triggers get saved in a separate folder on the microSDXC card so you do not have to hunt to find them through hundreds of 5 minute files. Very nice detail.The front camera is easy to slide upwards and remove if you need to connect to perform updates. I mention this because I had a small issue at first, and emailed support. Within few days, they had released an update to resolve my specific issue and I was able to install the update painlessly. I did have to format the microSDXC card after update, so if you have an old smaller microSDXC card that may not even be Samsung Evo laying around, it will be handy to use that during firmware update so you can format and load the update on that card, rather than the card you use every day that may contain important footage.The camera has ran for nearly 20 days now, and yet to experience any issue with power up & power down. No footage has been missed, and all the event based recording are correctly saved.Overall I would highly recommend this camera for its ease or use and reliability. Just be sure to get a Samsung EVO card.