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Customer Review
Could do more...Reviewed in the United States on July 22, 2019
The camera quality and pictures are all good, but the design is poor.Issue 1:The front camera has the power cable cord and rear camera attachment cord which always crosses each other. Every one should have faced this issue. This is actually bad because it will damage the ports where the cables are plugged in over the time because of the forces of both wires.Issue 2:The rear camera has another totally different issue. The camera rotates and the base sticks to the surface. However the bad part comes when you realize the wire that goes in the camera is at a wierd angle too. I have attached a video for this. The camera is difficult to set at a surface and get the proper viewing angle that you want.So overall, I would say that the camera is not at all user friendly when it comes to installation, which is the first thing I expect from a 200$ dash cam.Update:After 1 month of communication with Vantrue, I received another cable to connect front and back cam and a different hardwire kit which solved the issue of design and connection. But I am not sure if the new cable is being shipped with all new orders.But I would still say $200 is still overpriced. The camera doesn't have any wireless capability to share data from the SD card either. You have to manually remove the SD card and plug it into your computer to get the data out.But on the up side, the video quality is pretty good.