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Customer Review
Excellent upgrade and valueReviewed in the United States on January 20, 2022
Let me start by saying I have an older version Vantrue dashcam which was 1080. At that time I had tried a few cheaper cams and returned them as the quality was not there and I suspected long term reliability. I decided you get what you pay and paid more to get the Vantrue. It has not disappointed me in the last 3 years and has been very reliable. I was interested in getting a cam to cover both front and back of the car after a few shady incidents on the road. I looked at what was currently available and wanted a 4k front sensor and didn’t put a priority on the rear sensor. Looked at options available and decided to go with this one with a promising new sensor.Now talking about the x4s, it was a breeze to setup as I already had the window mount for the old one and this one is the same mount. FYI the x4s uses usb-c unlike the old one on micro. I routed cables to the rear and with some trial and error got it mounted correctly. I really like that Vantrue included a plastic tool to lift and route under the headliner - kudos for making it easier on the diy-er.I have used the unit now close to a month and am very happy to report that the quality of recordings is fantastic on the 4k sensor. Daylight captures and stunning and nighttime is very impressive. They sure have come a long way and am contemplating upgrading the other car as well after saving up. The rear cam is just fine in my opinion and I'll be honest, after seeing how good the front sensor is, the rear view is usable but not blow your socks off good. Compared to not having anything, it is a huge upgrade for me. Daytime clips are good, wish the night time captures were better. My thought is that the front camera is the one doing all the heavy lifting to write data. We know how much bandwidth is needed for 4k and now we are adding another 1080 stream which is a lot if you have worked with video. Let's give them some more time and I'm sure we'll soon see similar quality on the rear cam as well.Overall, I have to give this one 5 stars. Yes it is expensive but considering the pain to go through with lawyers and police and insurance to prove your point vs just handing them a clip from your dashcam is peace of mind. Also just the fact that you have a dashcam in your car seems to deter some people. In the end I consider it an investment/insurance. If this will last me another 3/4 years, it money totally well spent and I can sleep better.