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cannot activate warranty, must accept newsletterReviewed in the United States on February 5, 2022
Well, I purchased this for my wife, and she purchased 1 for me also, as a gift (really, we didn't know) when we went to register you had to create an account and had to accept a newsletter or it would not proceed. Ok so not happy but did it. Next, I went to add the item for warranty. It wanted order numbers. Well, it's a gift, I have no order number. I asked my wife if she registered Her's, apparently, she backed out after encountering the same issues. If I knew it had no warranty, I would never have purchased and will never purchase from this company again. The warranty IS part of what you are buying as it represents the quality, just as customer service does. A receipt and serial number is all you should need for your warranty, not to be required to open an account, accept unsolicited junk mail, and supply some type of order number ect. Goodbye Vantrue