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Customer Review
Casey Courter
Useless When It MattersReviewed in the United States on August 18, 2021
Worked great for a few months. Fast forward a year and a few suction cup failures later, and some guy rear ends me. So I go to my dash cam a few days later to pull the video and realize that this thing reset the date and has saved a sequence of videos from over a year ago and is now erasing all the most recent clips within 2 days of recording instead of the oldest clips. So my dash cam has an hour of footage from a trip I took over a year ago and then only my commute to work for the past two days conveniently missing the accident I was in. Thankfully rear end accidents are pretty cut and dry but the one time I could actually use this thing, it fails me. Going to buy a different brand this week as I don’t want this to happen again.