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Customer Review
Great Little CamReviewed in the United States on March 6, 2021
OK, first the not so good: actually, it's smaller than I expected. Granted it's partly my fault, didn't pay enough attention to the physical dimension specs (which is BTW accurate). You can hardly see what's on the screen while driving. But why would you want to see the screen while driving? You see the same real time. Anyways, apart from that, because of the size buttons are small, you need skinny fingers to confidently handle them.Now the good: (and much more good things about this little guy than not so good) the image quality is very good when you use 1920 res. View angle is good too. Set up is a breeze, very easy, fast, convenient (if you read the manual; if you don't like I did first you get confused. Actually, YOU get confused not the unit). User's manual is good, accurate, easy to read and understand.I was happy with my purchase until I found out that their Web site is not working. You can't register products, can't access updates. That's an important problem these days.Amazon's shipping is the best ever. Much faster than promised. Thanks.