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Excellent camera with a few quirksReviewed in the United States on February 9, 2021
I've owned this dashcam for two years now. The picture quality is really good and the camera works very well. I also use the GPS module which works well. However, after two years of use part of the mounting bracket on top of the camera snapped off, making the camera useless (see pic). I looked closely at the bracket and noticed the other side is also cracked. I use this camera on three different vehicles so moving it from mount to mount probably stressed the camera bracket. It was also cold when it broke. A few quirks - 1) the swivel mount doesn't tighten much so the camera is easily bumped out of position, 2) the internal storage of time and other settings will go away if you don't use the camera often enough, and 3) the mount will sometimes fall off of the windshield in extremely hot or extremely cold weather. (I live in Michigan.) Wrap a loop of the wire around the rear view mirror post so the camera won't fall to the floor. Set the G-force to low, the default is too sensitive. Also, keep in mind the HD function creates very large files, a 5 minute clip consumes about 558 MB. Despite the quirks and the broken bracket I like this camera enough to buy another one.