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Two-Year Review - Needs GPS Signal Clock SettingReviewed in the United States on November 14, 2020
I bought the Vantrue N1 Pro about two years ago. I'm on the third one.These units come with an 18-month warranty and email support has been excellent. Vantrue responds promptly and replacement parts have always been shipped quickly.The first camera came with a defective micro SD card slot. The card would not lock in place, it always popped out. Vantrue sent a replacement and a prepaid return shipping label.I also purchased the GPS mount. Somewhere around the 12-month point it stopped working. Unfortunately the only way I discovered this was when I was reviewing footage on my computer and noticed the GPS info on the video was either missing or disappearing and reappearing. Vantrue sent a replacement and that one has been working fine since.At around 16 months I discovered that the clock was not maintaining time overnight when the unit was off. Again, the only way I discovered this was when I was reviewing footage on my computer and the date/time were wrong. Vantrue support diagnosed this a defective battery. Apparently the lithium battery used for parking mode, collision detection, and so on, is also used for the internal clock. The clock doesn't have a separate lithium button battery. So I made a formal warranty request and Vantrue replaced the camera again. This third unit is so far working okay.On the plus side, the video and audio quality are quite good, especially at this price point. And Vantrue support is excellent.Gripes:1. The internal clock accuracy is not great. Not bad, but not good either. A $10 wristwatch keeps better time.2. Use a lithium button battery for the clock so it's not dependent on the main backup power source.3. Use the GPS signal to automatically set the camera time. This would eliminate #1.4. It's difficult to complain about quality at this price point (although it was quite a bit more expensive when I bought it two years ago). Still, three cameras and two GPS mounts....5. It would be nice if Vantrue could incorporate some kind of warning system to tell you when the battery is bad or the GPS is malfunctioning. Maybe flash the power and recording LEDs or something.I won't buy another dashcam that doesn't set the clock with the GPS signal. For legal purposes (I haven't needed it for that yet, knock on wood), if the clock isn't right then the integrity of the video can be questioned. So far as I can tell, no Vantrue dashcams do this.