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Customer Review
Stunning video from such a small dash camReviewed in the United States on October 28, 2020
Up until now I've never felt compelled to write a review, but I just had to say something about this "tiny" yet so robust little dash cam.Pros:- Video using standard settings is absolutely brilliant and clear in both daytime and nighttime.- Requires very few setting changes out of the box.- Extremely small camera easily amounts in front of rear view mirror for virtually invisible operation.- Modest amount of settings available are easy to understand- Once settings are established this is a turn on the ignition and go camera with nothing else to do.- Playback on a computer is easy and awesome to view.- Long cigarette charger cable makes it easy to mount the camera anywhere and have sufficient cord to snake the wire wherever needed.Cons:- Dual use of both the OK and Power button makes navigation and selection in the settings menu hard to understand at first. However, over time you get used to their intended use.- While not necessarily a con, you do have to format the micro memory card once every 2 weeks to prolong its life.