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Customer Review
Excellent camera for it’s priceReviewed in the United States on July 20, 2020
|—-This review is incomplete. I will come back and edit it when I get more experience from the camera—-|I purchased this for a friend because we always see something wild when we’re together. I purchased this camera for its price and many positive reviews. As always, I took them with a grain of salt. I expected it to be neither excellent nor, well, not bad.The packaging was nice, though just a tad awkward. After getting the second box opened (first was the one it shipped in), I was met by a quick start guide, some kinda sweepstakes-type thing (share video, get chance to win), and a full manual. I read the quick start guide, but I’m more of a learn-it-by-doing-type person, so I retained the absolute bare minimum I needed to know, which was it needed to be charged for 2-3 hours before use. So I decided to do the next logical thing: I started using it. I’m kidding. I plugged it into a phone charger for a couple hours like it said. I hadn’t put a memory card into it yet, so it didn’t record anything.The display seemed decent at the time (I left all of the protective film on everything), but after I got it set up later, it actually looked pretty good. It’s also at this point that I decide to set it up. It was awkward navigating the menus. Well, it was fine most of the time, but the instructions didn’t exactly make it clear how to apply changes you make. Turns out, it’s automatic. This confusion actually allowed me to almost exactly sync the time to what my phone said (you can modify the seconds too, but I didn’t feel like it, especially if I could get close).I was going to use it in my friend’s Jeep but I was too busy trying to find stuff that I forgot to insert a uSD card into the camera before leaving. Another friend tried to mount the camera anyway (I was in the back). He tried to take it back down, but the suction cup resisted. He finally got it down, dropping it. He handed the camera back and called it a GoPro. To be fair, that’s what this camera looks like, lol.Skip a couple of days and I was able to put the camera into another car. I actually remembered to insert the uSD this time. We drove for about 10 minutes and parked and waited for someone else. Once he came out, it was decided to take his vehicle instead of ours, so I was unable to capture any more footage. What footage I do have ins’t really enough to tell much about picture quality. We didn’t even get close enough to another vehicle for me to be able to read the plates with my own eyes.Speaking of footage, the files stored on the card are in MOV format. This is a Windows file, so you will need a Windows machine to watch it. I tried an Android tablet. It saw the files and even gave thumbnails, but refused to play. Windows 10 played it no problem. In the camera settings, I enabled GPS speed logging on the video, even though I don’t have the GPS mount. I just wanted to know how it reacted, and as expected, it reported 000 MPH the whole time. The image seemed fairly crisp for the price. The stamps placed in the videos aren’t as up-to-par, but can be overlooked. The audio wasn’t bad either.The camera mount will accept a USB mini B cable while the camera itself can take a micro B cable. It draws power from either. Included with the camera were two cables. One plugs into a standard 12 V port in a car and has a little tab that rotates open to reveal a single USB port. The other is meant for data transfer between the camera and a PC. I haven’t tried, but I would imagine the data cable can also be used to supply power.I’m going to go ahead and rate this as a 7/10. As I said before, I haven’t really had a good chance to test this camera yet and I will come back and edit this when I do. If you need yourself a cheap dash cam, I will go ahead and recommend this. I also plan to put up a comparison video at some point comparing this camera to a whole ‘ other make and model (Viofo A119) because I can.