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Customer Review
R. L. Scharf
WOW! What a great little camera, especially for the price.Reviewed in the United States on June 10, 2020
This little guy is amazing. I had a Venture X1 and thought it was small, but the N1 Pro makes it look like a DSLR camera. You will not be disappointed if you purchase one of these, especially for the price.I would mention that you definitely should charge the camera for 2-3 hours prior to setting it up, just as the manual directs. The camera battery needs to be charged to reliably retain settings you input.A couple of hopefully helpful tips: 1. Format the micro SD card in the camera. 2. I find it easier to just remove the camera and mount from my vehicle if I want to view recordings on my computer. The camera fits very snugly onto the mount and it can be difficult to remove/mount it if the windshield mount is tucked up behind the rearview mirror like mine.3. I use one of those alcohol based cleaning wipes to clean both the windshield mounting area and the suction cup prior to mounting.Try one, you'll like it!