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Customer Review
Gail Dominicis
AlmostReviewed in the United States on March 14, 2020
Well, this is the FOURTH dashcam I have tried and the 4th to be returned. DOESN'T ANYBODY AT THE CAMERA PLACE KNOW WHAT A DASHCAM IS SUPPOSED TO DO?First one captured 15sec segments with 4 seconds betweenSecond one wouldn't charge off the carThird one had 1000 options, NONE of which were useful for dashcam operationsTHIS one seems to work, charges and connects to the computer via USB, but REQUIRES A PROPRIETARY CABLE TO CHARGE IN THE CAR --- IN THE CIGARETTE LIGHTER !!!!My cigarette lighter is in the center console 4 FEET AWAY passing FOUR USB outlets on its way making its PROPRIETARY cable 2 feet short.AND there does not seem to be ANY battery life. It may be all capacitor, which, if constantly powered by the car would not be a bad thing. (See PROPRIETARY CABLE)