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Customer Review
Great dash cam except for a few thingsReviewed in the United States on January 28, 2020
The small form factor of this cam is great and does not disrupt any vision.The picture/video quality seems to be pretty decent and this will pick up any motion and record it almost right away.The night vision quality works quite well too.Now for some of the bad features that kind of makes me want to return the product:The battery life on this cam when its not constantly charging if pretty low. Because it can detect even slight movements and cause it to turn on, it drains battery quite fast. I leave this in the car and if I don't drive the car during the weekend at all the battery completely drains to zero.Now that isn't so bad, but what makes this really bad is that, when my cam drains to zero, it resets its settings for the date and time. So then I have to manually set that up all over again and that can be a pain if I have to do that every single weekend if I do not drive or at least turn on the car.