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Customer Review
Caleb Brandalise
The best crappy camera for your carReviewed in the United States on May 24, 2021
You'd think that there would be a technology company behind a security camera product.Especially one thats praised ao highly or is priced in this way...But dang there are just ao many dumb annoyances w this camera. I cant believe there's not legit dashcams that are high def, reliable, and under $100 yet. Like wth business people..-The functions response time is prehistoric! You press a button and you can feel the earth turning as it thinks to process before addresses your button command. Also during this time, its frozen, so you cant beat it to the punch w two or three commands in a row. You cant even hold an arrow down for fast scrolling. You must literally press for each direction you want to move one step for every time.-This camera doesnt hold more than 15 seconds of battery (must always be plugged in to work (you'll find this is more annoying when you dont want to hold a pose towards center windshield instead of holding in your lap to rewatch stuff or set settings)).-When you start saving and deleting files, it jumbles up the order. Yes, its great that you can lock files so when you delete all files that you dont delete ones you want to keep. But ive experienced that once you do this and mix batches of recordings as you save some here and there as you delete them, that the files get mixed up and start recording in different orders that display impossibly incoherently in the media gallery.. seems like its a automated coding naming issue which, yet again, you'd imagine a technology company could have made something that works. I cant even find videos after a certain point bc the newest are mixed w the oldest and the thumbnails all look so similar!I could literally rant on these types of issues for a list of a dozen or so, but ill stop here bc ive got to leave. I was juat reminded of one of these nuisances one more time as i couldnt find the video to rewatch of my car getting serviced. I had index cards that are now missing and i wantwd video proof they were there when i left, and i look in my media folder of my vantrue and after clunking around, im reminded how all my files are jumbled, and many of them dont play, file issues...This thing actually sucks.Its great if you need a somewhat reliable dashcam w nightvision and a cabin cam, but DO NOT expect a technologically revolutionary product. Its frustrating af, and only gets worse.