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Customer Review
Amazing value and picture qualityReviewed in the United States on September 18, 2019
I'm really impressed with this camera! I read some blog reviews and heard that this one was not just the best "budget" dash cam but also best overall, and decided to give it a try.It was easy to set up. It uses a micro USB to charge from the wall and to upload your files to the computer, and a mini USB to plug into the car cigarette lighter port. You will need to buy an SD card as well to store the files.The camera has a very wide angle so you can easily capture your entire front dash. Not sure if it is a full 180 but it's definitely close.You'll need to buy the GPS mount separately but it's well worth it if you are to get into an accident and need to prove location. On the videos it includes a time and date stamp as well as GPS coordinates. You can turn the microphone on/off as needed, and press a button to take a photo at any point during recording. It saves your photos in a separate folder so you can easily find them later. To me the best feature is that it will turn on and begin recording when you start the car, and off when you turn the car off - a no brainer. It will also start recording (on battery) when it experiences a change in acceleration, for example if your car is bumped it'll record for the next 20 seconds, and then turn off again. If it's recording and the power is lost (like if you're in an accident), it will continue recording for a short period of time on battery.All in all I'm very excited about this product, and it has given me great peace of mind during my commute!s