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Customer Review
H. Panda
Tiny cam with a big punchReviewed in the United States on December 17, 2018
I love how this tiny dashcam packs a decent punch feature-wise. Any dashcam has FHD recording nowadays and most have G-Sensors, loop recording etc. The thing many dashcams lack is an automatic parking mode and motion detection which this one's got (most Vantrue cams seem to have this standard set of features.It accepts cards up to 256GB which is a bonus - this means you can go days between having to worry about retrieving your footage on a computer.Heat dissipation is a major issue with such small factor so that's one thing that is hard to check during winters. This one has vents and the SD card slot is also an open-ended design which should aid in heat dissipation. The real test will be in summers but I'm hoping the product will stand true to its promise.I also like how it tells if you have been working too hard (see my screenshot about 24 hr recording). I'm not sure if it stops recording after 24 hours or just display the message but keeps recording.For the price though, you can't complain much; given the fact that it's one the most feature rich cams in this size.