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Customer Review
Great compact dashcam, well worth the moneyReviewed in the United States on November 7, 2018
This is a great dashcam for the price. It came equipped with a generous length power cord into regular 12V receptacle (also acts as a blue night light for the car inside). The G-sensor is very sensitive so I recommend setting the sensitivity to low or you would be reformatting your card every week or two. It does not come with a microSD card so I would recommend getting a high endurance card to be used with the dashcam. I really like the mount as it's very simple to use and very secure. The camera size is very compact which is great! There are plenty of features like automatic event recording, audio recording, loop recording, etc. (all can be turned off if desired).Installation is a breeze. I just had to snake the cord around the car interior and it held on without any tape. Picture quality is quite decent. You can see from other reviews of what the video is like under sunny days but camera tend to showcase how good/bad they are at dusk with little lighting. Real world footage is the best indicator of the quality and I uploaded a video of me driving at dusk with this review. Picture quality is still good around dusk time and you can still clearly see the license plate of the person in front which is a big plus.Main complaint I have is there's no way to turn off that blue light on the 12V power cord but it's not a big deal. Overall I would highly recommend this dashcam for its quality.