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Customer Review
Robert Ruehs
Great for the price. Good video quality and easy to use.Reviewed in the United States on August 22, 2018
Short and to the point wrap up : Great little dash cam. Not complicated at all to set up or use. Video quality is great, night or day. Records audio and easy to mute. Also easy to adjust the angle with a twist. Sucktion cup as a good tight hold, I will update if I ever have a problem with it but I don't feel I will. Long cable should I want to hide it along the windshield and door, floor etc to make it very "stealth". Full Review : I've been on the fence about getting a dash cam for years now. While I live in a state that does not have any crazy insurance problems or discounts for owning a dash camera I still wanted one. You see more and more videos online about accidents or someone witness something with a dash cam and I can't help but feel if I was in a situation like that I'd like one too. Call it peace of mind or just the fact I can say "It wasn't my fault!" and have actual proof! That for me, was the biggest pro for getting a dash cam, proof. Dash cams are becoming more and more common and there are more and more on the market every month it seems. Eventually I decieded I should dip my toes in and finally test one out. This device is one of those set it and forget it ones. You set it up, check the footage after a drive and don't have to fuss with it again. I'd recommond getting day and night in there before you check the video. Now for the actual product, which has been great. It comes in a nice little box with some foam padding around the camera to ensure any shipping bumps, drops and crushes don't damage the camera. The intrustions are simple and clear and come seperate from the full manuel to help get you started faster. I was actually surprised it came with two cables. One for the car with the old "cigarette lighter" plug port and a shorter one for plugging the camera into a PC should you want to grab video straight from the camera itself and not have to remove the microSD. Which for some might be very handy since microSD are TINY! As I said it had two cables where I expected only the one for the car, nice. Also surprised that the plug for the car has a little slidable piece and hides a USB port! So if you did have something plugged in there already and it happens to be USB you can use this for a pass through. The cable as you might expect is very long, not sure I even need half of it but I'm sure someone who wants to really hide their cam has plenty of cord to work with. The camera itself looks just the part, like a really mini DSLR almost. The lens is pretty big and extends out of the camera but not so much as to make it bulky. I appreciate the addition of the 1.5inch LCD on the back which makes getting into the settings easy. Some cameras that I had looked at needed to set up on the PC or via phone app, I don't like that. I prefer settings to be "on device" should I need to adjust, adress or otherwise need them quickly. I do recommend at least an 8GB microSD card as setting the video's to 1 minute loops has each one come in just about 110MB which is over 100 videos. However if you wanted to have a longer loop, say five minutes, that would be 500MB for each and will only give you about sixteen videos before it starts to loop. I would say keep it to 1 minue or three at most if you are using 8GB. Smaller cards I wouldn't go over one or even recommend to use it as you will be loppint over video quickly and if you "protect" some you might be unable to record more until you save those to another source. The video is clear and would record any accident you would have in front of your car. This should be more then enough for any insurace claims or court case to prove your side of the story. At night license plates are hard or impossible to read but I won't dock a star from the camera because I feel this is not important. Given most people don't have a dash cam, any kind of recorded footage is a big bonus. Finals notes : The timestamp on the bottom gives you date and time, as well as your license plate # (I left that blank for this review as my videos are public) and speed if you have the GPS attachment/upgrade. (I do not at this time have that). In the video I have the settings to default, 0 exposure, 1080P/30 and audio off. In the picture, I did not yet choose where I want to have the cam and I was moving and adjusting it for this review, that is why you see the USB cord hanging down from my rear mirror. I did not do anything with it as of writing this review.