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Customer Review
Very nice for the price!Reviewed in Canada on February 24, 2019
I like everything about this dash cam. It was delivered within 2 days, and I used it for the first time yesterday.Two things, I need to figure out is why it plays on fast forward when I view from my laptop. I tried to view in slow mode (turtle), but it still played in fast forward. Probably just one setting away from figuring this out. Maybe it is the Transcend High Endurance 32GB Class 10 SD card I am using in it.Also, maybe there is a trick to removing the camera from the mount but I couldn't after it is on. I was hoping to remove the camera easily when I parked it for a long time, instead it leaves me with removing the whole mount with camera. Not a show stopper. I will contact Vantrue if I can't figure this out. They seem really receptive to assisting.Packaging is great! Manual is an easy read, it stays suctioned to the windshield. I ensured to clean the windshield prior to mounting the dash cam to it.Overall, excellent dash cam and though only one day using it, I have no doubt it will be good to have on the dash.