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Customer Review
NO Warranty!!!!!!!Reviewed in the United States on May 2, 2022
Bought directly from vantrue. Camera was good when it worked x4s duo. After about 2 months in Florida, the camera started messing up by constantly rebooting and not recording. I tried a new memory card and updating the camera to no success. Other vantrue camera N4 3 channel is still working, tried that memory card in the x4s duo and still doesn't work. Camera is just broke, so I attempted to contact customer support to fix or replace and that was totally useless. This company ghosted me. ..What 12 month warranty! NO RESPONSE whatsoever... Crappy Nonexistent service. Now going through credit card for dispute. Oh yeah, wifi app sucks, slow and buggy...Camera was good when it worked buy they don't stand behind it, so try another.