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Customer Review
Lee T. Sang
Good balance of quality and features for the price.Reviewed in the United States on April 9, 2022
Upgrading to this Vantrue from a Viofo A119 Pro. I installed the dash cams about a week ago and installation was easy with my CRV since I could tuck the cables under the weathering strips and headliner. I do wish they included a suction cup style mount for the rear camera if I ever want to replace it because I still haven’t been able to remove the glued-on mount of my Viofo. Every video says to use floss, but maybe the floss I have just isn’t as strong. I do miss the form factor of the Viofo since it hugged the windshield, but the bigger screen on the Vantrue is nice. I kind of wish the screen could tilt like a DSLR so that I could see it better from where I installed it to the right of my rear-view mirror. I can see a lot more out the back than with just my rear-view mirror. One thing that is missing is a brightness setting so I can't lower it for use at night. I just have it set to turn off after a couple of minutes.The camera UI is easy to navigate, and the buttons are well placed. The top power button also doubles as the emergency save footage button. It’s the only button on the top so when I really need to press it, I won’t get confused about which button to press. My mom has an Aukey dash cam and it’s almost impossible to see the labels of the buttons when it’s dark.The Wi-Fi feature is also nice, and the app works well with my Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra. It’s good to use it to review videos on my phone, but I don’t see myself using it much because the camera turns off when I turn off my car and with gas prices this high, I don’t want to be idling in my car just to keep the dash cam on. I have an SD card reader in my glove box I use to quickly transfer the files to my phone for viewing on my computer.I’ve been using the front camera at 4k 30FPS and the rear camera at 1080p 30FPS with the default video settings. In bright sunlight the front camera footage is very good. I can read a license plate that’s maybe up to 15 feet away. Even in the dark the footage looks nice and since most license plates and signs are reflective it helps make them readable. The rear camera is a little more average in quality. It’s not as clear and sharp as the front camera but works well to film what’s happening behind me.There is a warning about not using Sandisk SD cards, but I put a 256GB Sandisk High Endurance Micro SD card in it, but no problems so far.I don’t use the parking features so I can’t really comment on that.