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Simple Product with Video Quality ResolutionReviewed in the United States on December 27, 2020
Sometimes I shy away from the most expensive products because you know they are going to have more features, more adjustments and settings, and are just too complicated. This product strikes the right balance with outstanding video quality and simple menu and set up. There is hardly anything you need to do to get going.This is my 2nd N2. I've had my first one over a year and just purchased the second one.When mounted under the mirror, I get a good view out the back window and even a good portion of both side windows. The only area in my Honda CRV that you can't see is the drivers and passengers window.The video quality is the best of 3 cameras I have had over the past 5+ years. In fact, there is no comparison. I have a HDMI to HDMI mini cord, but for reviewing videos I find it easier to just pop out the SD card (I got the 256gb this time) and plug into the laptop. The times are accurate in the DCIM file and they are very easy to find. The cabin sound recording is pretty good quality also.I've seen several comments about bad mounts. I have a complaint about the mount, but as far as holding to the windshield and keeping the camera fixed, I've had no problems at all.As my pictures show, like most cars with rain sense wipers or OEM windshield cameras, there are plastic covers that come down on the windshield over the rear view mirror. The mount, both the stock mount that comes with the camera and the optional GPS mount which I purchased, plugs into the top of the mount. The picture I have is with no power cord plugged in. That's my perfect position. But with the cord plugged in, the camera would have to of been mounted about halfway down the windshield and would definitely interfere with the field of view. In fact this might get you pulled over. IF you don't have this equipment in your vehicle and can mount under the mirror or at least each side, you will be fine. I purchased a 90 degree mini USB and you may want to purchase this inexpensive item. My advice to Vantrue is, please people, anywhere but the top of the mount. Bad decision.I purchased a hard wire kit because who wants to use a lighter plug in? The hardwire kit is outstanding. Comes with every size fuse you can use. No fumbling with dangerous ways to connect to your fuse panel. Just find a constant hot fuse and run the wire. Very simple.Overall, for $160.00 this is a very inexpensive peace of mind. Highly recommend.