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Customer Review
Rufus B. Saye
Can take a while to install, set up and learn, but definitely worth the effortReviewed in the United States on July 27, 2022
Used in a full-size Chrysler minivan. A tougher install than (say) a sedan.Added the GPS mount - major improvement in usefulness, adding accurate location and speed to results.Main pain points are running the power cable to cigarette outlet, and rear camera cable, the latter requiring some thinking/planning to run to rear of van, through the roof liner, using existing flexible rubber conduit [hose?] that connects body of van to rear hatch and mounting rear camera very high on rear hatch glass, inside. (The rear of a minivan gets dirty quickly - I did not want to have to clean camera lens repeatedly and/or drill hole[s] to get to an outside mount location... just sayin')TIPS:1) pay attention to where the wipers sweep - you want to pick install location[s] that stay reasonably clear with weather.2) Figure where you'll install rear camera first, figure out what you need, length-wise, at rear of your vehicle [leave a bit of slack] and then work your way forward to front. Odds are good that you'll end up with extra cable at front, which allows you to change your mind about main unit's location...Main unit itself was finally installed so that base hides behind rear view mirror, main unit visible just below mirror, keeping install neat [important for domestic tranquility] and minimizing view obstruction.Already had a multi-outlet cigarette lighter power supply, so I don't use their supplied P/S. And am using my own SanDisk 128GB microSD (Amazon SKU B07NY23WBG], with no issues.Image quality in default 4K Front/1080 interior & rear is great, with the excellent Sony CCD.Realize that the video is shot at 30 frames per second, so there WILL be some loss of image sharpness at 60 mph and above. This is a compromise of clarity vs. file sizes, as 60fps would mean much bigger files, less available useful storage on microSD, etc.Small screen on unit makes it really only useful for quick recording review... BUT using laptop with larger external monitor, tradeoff is acceptable.Final point: this is a fairly complex device - do not expect to figure out the manual content, controls and settings right away, until you've lived with unit for a while, reviewed recordings, etc....Overall rating: Excellent, with warning that there's a learning curve...