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Customer Review
Ed H.
Won't work with GPS mount!Reviewed in the United States on July 21, 2022
I purchased 2 of these cameras. One for my regular rig and the other for my RV. I installed them both but because I wasn't able to use the RV for another 10 months, I never realized that the one in the RV doesn't work with the GPS mount. It's my bad that I just assumed they were both working, but since the defective one was not the one I used most, I lost my opportunity to return it. Caveat emptor! FLUP I was contacted by the mfgr. Instead of having me return the defective item, they require I make a video and post it on youtube, or in the cloud, or a couple of other outlet because I can't send videos via my email. Instead of letting me return it so they can fix or replace it. They said their engineers could fix it by watching a video, without specifying what was even required on the video. Yeah, they have CS, but make it a PITA. And they said they wanted to make it is cheap......don't just talk the talk.....walk the walk Vantrue!