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IF you are looking to fix, "DASHCAM VANTRUE N4 WILL NOT POWER ON"Reviewed in the United States on July 21, 2022
IF ANYBODY HAS COME HERE BECAUSE THEIR ** DASHCAM VANTRUE N4 WILL NOT POWER ON ** ....this happened to me. i tried to update the firmware, something went wrong and it refused to power back on no matter how well i followed the instructions to "force update"... turns out WHY this wouldn't work its way through is because it's the same reason vanTrue doesn't recommend sanDisk disks.... well, this is because sanDisk file format are "EXFAT" - NOT FAT32 - these are NOT the same thing... this was where all my struggle was. it IS important that your microSD is FAT32 otherwise it won't read it once you are in this predicament and it won't power on... how i fixed this... i actually had to use some third party software to "convert exfat to fat32" - once that was converted properly and i dragged the twelve files onto the newly partitioned disc (now in actual fat32)... with the power off, i pressed the 'M' button down for about ten seconds - THEN plugged the power source in and it finally read it and the little light on the side was flashing blue. it probably only took about two minutes after that to update and restart.... also of note - i was using a USB-C plug into a wall outlet (NOT a desktop of any kind - the desktop said the device malfunctioned and stopped sending it power)... so use a wall outlet or the actual car power plug.... this was VERY, VERY frustrating!! they really need to figure a better way to update the firmware because this was a complete mess!!! i really hope i helped at least ONE person get through this! good luck everybody