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Customer Review
Good Dashcam but.....Reviewed in the United States on July 11, 2022
So to start off with, this is my second VanTrue dash cam, my first is the N2 Pro 3 1/2 year ago. First 2 years work flawlessly then about 1 year ago quit recording from time to time. After researching other brands, I went back to VanTrue because I felt I got good value for the dollar. 3 Grips of the N2 I hoped they fixed on the N4...1. Off color on the video of the n2 had a purple hue to it, an update fixed that. Updated and it was gone. 2. While the n2 supported GPS, you had to buy a second mount that supported GPS. That to me was a ripoff. Many would pay extra on the original purchase to have a GPS mount come with the camera. A deceptive practice to get an additional 20-25 dollars from customers. 3. The Battery was defective right out of the box. Since I didn't need it to be on for 5 minutes after turning off my car, it was a non issue, but it should have worked. Reviews at the time of purchase mentioned battery issues a lot.So now on the the N4. Easy to install, easy to set up, easy to run the wires from the from of the car to the back and hide them. since I had the N2 everything was quite the same, some differences but with the manual everything was familiar so setting it up was a breeze. Mounting the rear camera was effortless and the system accepted it with no issues. All cables long enough to get the job done in my Kia Soul, with lots extra. Plugged it in, set the date and time and off on a test run. video screen on system much larger then on the N2 and even with my crappy eye site I was able to see what was going on in all 3 video windows. Much nicer without being way too large to block view through the front windshield.Old issues gone: 1. No more battery now there is a capacitor in its place and I don't see an option to record for anytime after you kill the power. 2. Color is good right out of the box and 3. Still ripping off customers by sending out a non GPS mount expecting customers to buy one at 21 dollars. The old N2 mount wont fit....Really.....what was so wrong with the old n2 mount it could not be compatible with he new N4 mount. Ok, there is some more money above the 259.00 dollars I paid.Received the NEW GPS mount 2 days later hooked it up and wham I got GPS. The old N2 Saved me several times when I was accused of speeding when I proved I wasn't, its a must. Remember while you wont see the GPS info and speed on the screen, it is visible when you view the video files on your computer.So while VanTrue still needs to apparently nickel and dime us after our purchase with the need to buy a GPS mount, I would still recommend this unit if you are looking for a GPS compatible Dash Cam. Had VanTrue included a GPS mount in with the Dash Cam, I would have given it a 5 star.I didn't use it yet in the dark so I can not give a rating on how it looks.I also heard that it's not truly 4K video. its digitally upscaled. I can't prove that I'm not versed in video but it might be something to look into if that's a deal breaker. My first dash cam was listed a 1080P and yet it was obviously 480p upscaled. It went from mailbox, to car, to garbage in less than an hour.I hope this helps