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But why 2 stars? Detailed review belowReviewed in the United States on June 7, 2022
To start, by way of an admission, I missed the VERY LAST sentence in the description that said that this unit doesn't have WiFi, so I was disappointed in my purchase, but decided to continue with the set-up and try it out. The software and interface should be the same between models, right? We'll see, as the WiFi version is due in tomorrow...Ok, lets start with the "Good":The camera was packaged very well. Not "Apple Good", but well enough that if you decided to not use all the bits, you can store them quite well.The camera has generous cabling. Only people with a double-cab, long bed pick-up, who want to put the camera at the license plate, MIGHT have an issue. I am installing the rear cam in the cab (so it doesn't walk off, or get damaged when I'm rear ended)There are a TON of variables that can be set in this cam, including exposure level (I'm not a photographer, so I left it alone).Now on to the "MEH, Uh, hum" (a.k.a. the neither good or bad):The menu system is a bit cumbersome, not hair-pulling level, but there is a TON of "button pressing beeps" to get started.Even though you can record "front, cab & rear", there is a resolution penalty (see pics, not pictured is the last option of "720+720+720" or "720+720"). You can only record the cab and rear at the same resolution. I feel that this was not revealed at all in the documentation, or manufacturers website, so is a little misleading, even though this trade-off seems to be prevalent in the "dash-cam" industry.Now the "Bad":After I set up the cameras (I am testing several), endured the (no exaggeration) 10-minute set-up, and completed my test drives (one day and one night), this cam did not record. The only video i got was triggered by a rough railroad crossing near my house. However, it only records at the TIME of the event and about a minute later. There is no video of the crossing, or the critical few seconds before an event. If this had been a crash, there would be no video proof of what happened that lead up to the incident. Given the "Menu Soup" I had to go through to get the cam started for the maiden voyage, you'd think the system would start recording automatically, but it didn't. There is the possibility that there is a setting that I didn't set, to begin recording at power on, but why would that setting be hidden?This is a good camera (picture-wise), but the set-up & lack of "power-on recording" as default is why the 2-star rating.