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Customer Review
Anthony Figueroa
Files get lost.Reviewed in the United States on May 23, 2022
I've had two versions of Ventrue cameras now, the N2 and N4, and I really liked the way they looked felt and operated. They also had very good reviews and did the job well, most of the time. I will say the camera quality is kind of bad, I've noticed it when I've gotten in close accidents when I review my dash cam footage, you can't even read others license plates when reviewing the footage on a computer. But when it finally came down to when I actually had an accident, the footage disappeared. I went home home and tried reading it from the dash cam onto my desktop and the videos were not there. There was an obvious gap of video missing as my accident happened at 1:38pm and when you go to look for the footage, and the recording before that finished at 1:27pm and it started recording again at 1:41pm, when I started my car back up after the accident. It really is a bummer as I installed this camera for whenever I got in an accident but it's no use when it finally came down to it. I know this is maybe a rare case but it isn't something that should happen on a dash cam when you rely on it to record for you so you have answers for when an accident does happen and you have proof to show to an insurance adjuster or even a judge.