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Customer Review
4XS camera continuously rebootsReviewed in the United States on July 18, 2022
After putting in the VanTrue SD card, I powered on the camera to access the menu. Camera reboots about every 30 seconds. I powered off the camera and removed the SD card. Power up the camera and continuous rebooting. Disappointing. Wrote this review and waited... like Bart Simpson and a hot stove... so I tried again inserting the card and powering on and it failed yet again. At this point, I boxed it all up, left in on the end table to return to Amazon. Remember the hot stove... so I tried it again that evening and this time the camera powered up without issue.1) could be how the SD cards seats in the camera. 2) wondering if its a capacitance issue where the camera needed to be plugged in for a while before setup. 3) The camera knew how disappointed I was and decided to cooperate.