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Customer Review
Great camera, app broken and bad supportReviewed in the United States on July 11, 2022
Bought this unit for the high reviews.Would definitely be 5 stars for the design and ease of install.1 star for broken app and parking mode*** Update ***I discovered that the camera is firmware. Was five versions out of date when it shipped to me. One of the fixes in that firmware fixed the issue with the Wi-Fi connection. It also seemed to make the parking mode work a little bit better. One of the things I discovered with the parking mode is that to turn it on is a very non-intuitive process. You have to go to the parking menu hover over one of the areas for the type of parking mode you want to turn on, press okay and do it settings and then exit the menu and it'll turn it on but there's no actual button or switch or command to just turn on parking mode. You have to follow that weird set of steps or use the app.Another complaint I have is that it seems like this camera picks up a lot more glare from my windows than my previous camera did. Having some polarizing film or something like that on the lens might be a good idea.*** Original review ***The app connects to the camera and then nothing happens. Just spins forever on both my pixel 6 pro (Android 12) and my cars android head unit (android 10)When I reached put for support they just said an update for the app would be coming and they would let me know.Parking mode doesn't turn on either. You just select it and the camera exits the menu for it. No option to turn it on.