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Customer Review
On the right path but lost focusReviewed in the United States on June 22, 2022
Overall the cameras pretty good. I can’t speak for installation I paid someone to install it so don’t hold me to that.Now the good,It’s fairly seamless once you have it set up it records anytime you’re driving both front and back no problem you don’t have to hardly ever mess with it which I love.The GPS and time display options are awesome, extra money, but awesome.Now the bad, well not that bad, but could be better.The user interface is so 2008. For the brand new model on a swanky new dash cam, the user interface really needs an update bad. It’s just wonky how you have to go in to do things on that on that InterfaceThe playback option and steps might be better than most but for me for that money is unacceptable. Bluetooth technology and quick connect technology has been around for a good 10 years so having to go in and very very manually have the camera in a special mode and then use their app in special mode just to get them to talk to each other and then wait forever for it to download the video is a bad feature.I would also like to be able to access it online then things would be so much simpler. It has a Wi-Fi option but you can’t use Wi-Fi to connect so I don’t understand why it has Wi-Fi.You have to use a mobile device to connect then download the photo to a special file format and then take your mobile device to your computer to upload it from that special file and of course I’m sure convert it just so that you can have it on your computer. How about just let me upload it directly to my iCloud account that would really be peaches.The camera quality is less than I expected it’s still good but it’s less than I expected I was expecting 4K not 4k - hd = 720Bottom line:Should you buy it? That’s up to you I don’t tell people what to buy and what not to buy like a lot of idiots that do reviews. You have the benefit of my perspective, use it as you will.Would I buy it again? Probably not however, I don’t know what I would buy in place of it because the others that I looked at are not as good as this one so you do the math..I suck at math