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Furkie G
Best on the marketReviewed in the United States on June 21, 2022
Ive been using the vantrue camera brand for many years now and they never disappoint. For starters out the box you get a beautiful camera with 4k capabilities and built in wifi that allows you to download and watch videos previously recorded.This x4s also comes with a rear camera that comes in handy because what would be the point of just getting footage from the front of the car. It wouldnt be any help if you get rear ended. Vantrue is a super easy to use camera that is plug and play ready to go out the box. If you run into issues with sd cards these cameras do notnlike sandisk. Ive had better luck going with samsung and ran into no problems. Over all this dashcam is great to record the front and rear of your vehicle. There are also options to hardwire it to your car so you can have 24:7 recording.I recommend buying a 128gb sd card or higher, depending on your driving habits you can get about 3-4 days of good videos