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Customer Review
Excellent camera duo. Super support.Reviewed in the United States on May 27, 2022
This is the first dash cam I’ve owned and I’m very happy with it. I did a good bit of research before I ordered and found this one to be the best camera with the best features for the price. The camera itself has worked flawlessly since I’ve owned it.There is more good news! If anything goes wrong, you don’t have to worry. The support for this camera is outstanding. After three months, the camera began to cycle itself on and off. I tried everything I could to fix it including updating the firm ware. Since I couldn’t resolve it, I reached out to Vantrue support and am very pleased to report that they (“Roxanne”) responded in less than 24 hours and began to help me troubleshoot by email. We exchanged four or five emails with Roxanne suggesting I try different remedies and me reporting back. The last test was to disconnect the camera from the windshield and plug it directly into a wall power plug. I took it off the GPS Receiver mount and plugged it into the wall and the camera worked fine. This led me to suspect that the GPS Receiver mount had gone bad. I reported my conclusion to Roxanne and she readily agreed to replace the GPS Receiver mount under warranty with no hassle. The replacement shipped within 24 hours and I received it directly from China in two weeks. I installed the new GPS Receiver mount and the problem was solved! I thank Vantrue Roxanne for all her speedy support and sticking with it until the problem was diagnosed and a new part sent out. I’m very pleased that I chose Vantrue!