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Customer Review
Great Product, Quality, and SupportReviewed in the United States on May 23, 2022
The Vantrue X4s is my third Dash Cam in the past 5 years. My first Dash cam was Vantrue N2 purchased in 2017 which is still working fine (second Dash Cam was another brand and did not last long). Needing a rear window camera and after some online search and review checking, I was convinced that the Vantrue dash cams are the best value for my money, so I purchased the Dual X2s. This Dash cam is full of useful features plus a 4K front camera with 3” display. I can select a single view of front, or rear camera or PIP (front and rear) by touch of a button. On-screen menu setup is easy. X4s has WIFI connection for phone connection to setup and video download using iPhone or Android if one chooses to do so (I don’t). The only thing that is missing is the cabin camera which I wish was available for X2s but not a deal breaker, I can use my N2 for in cabin recording if I really need one. In my opinion, Vantrue products present terrific value and quality. Support is available by e-mail and response is within 12 to 24 hours. High-quality product and value.