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Customer Review
Christine from Philly
Hardwired was best for usReviewed in the United States on June 19, 2022
The cigarette lighter in an '05 Jeep Liberty is constant-on power. So, I assumed using that would be like having it hardwired into a constant-powered line. But, not only did it not have any kind of parking mode, we couldn't get this thing to keep recording AT ALL when we were using the cigarette lighter to power it. I also wasn't too concerned with parking mode, this being a old car that no one would probably want to mess with and it's usually parked in secure off-street locations. I was getting the worst of both worlds (not working in either mode!). But, I purchased the $19 hardwire kit that most people use for constant-on and instead of adding it to a fuse that was powered when the car was off, I added it to a fuse that was only powered when the car is on. This solved the problem. Now, we have regular, reliable recording in both front a back when driving (that was the goal). Pleased with the result, I invested the time and effort to run the lines behind the A-pillars and headliner and now we have a very inconspicuous front & rear dashcam. The rear dashcam has a red light that comes on when it is recording and I found that annoying when I looked in the rearview mirror, so I covered the lights with electrical tape. Problem solved.So, if you have issues with using a constantly powered cigarette lighter (I theorize that it has something to do with how the power level might drop when starting the car or something), just wire it in using Vantrue's kit. The kit is cheaper than piecing the components together yourself (which I had to do in my other car) and it has everything you need for a variety of cars (different fuse sizes).