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Customer Review
John Sutherland
Good dual camera dashcamReviewed in the United States on June 4, 2022
I received the S1 as a Christmas gift in December, 2021 for use on my older 1999 Chevrolet Silverado pickup truck which I have had since January, 1999. Great truck. This is/was my first dashcam installation and use. It took a while for me to have the cabling routed and the cameras (both) mounted in the front cab on the front windshield. But the rear camera cable was far too long for a front cab install, and I had to wait for a shorter (19") cable to arrive from Vantrue. Now both cameras are mounted and both are working. Great imaging and audio from both cameras, one camera looking out the front, and the other (the rear camera) recording action inside the cab. I have both cameras up front in case of rare police interactions - I want any and all of them recorded.The camera control setup for me (a novice) was a bit complicated, and it took me a while to 'grok' the procedure. One anomaly for my installation was the fact that I used the cigarette lighter connection for camera power, and according to the factory, if the cigarette power is always on, the camera will always be running, regardless of the camera settings. And, if the camera is always on, the cameras will eventually drain the car/truck battery after a few days of non-travel use of the car/truck.One solution to the power drain problem is to buy and use Vantrue hardwire kit to directly power the cameras, and this will turn off the cameras when battery voltage goes below about 11.6 volts. Absent using that kit, you will have to unplug the cigarette lighter power at the end of every trip, otherwise, the camera's constant operation will drain your battery.On the bright side, if your battery is a good one and it's all charged up, and if you have to park in a potentially hazardous or dangerous location, leaving the S1 cameras powered on will record any sort of mischief going on near your car/truck.All in all, this is a very nice dual camera system. I gave the S1 a four star rating because of the battery draining problem in my truck. That was probably my own fault. But, I understand that learning is always expensive, and my older battery was about five years old, so I ended up buying a new battery for the truck. Maybe that was a good kind of problem to have. Time will tell.