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Customer Review
Vantrue Customer
Work well....For about 12 monthsReviewed in the United States on April 23, 2022
Worked well for about 12 months. Then started having start up/display issues at random. Sometimes just gave up for a few weeks but then would try it and it worked fine.Contacted customer service a few times and the initial response was prompt. They wanted me to take a video of the issue so that they could show the tech department. The first time the issue stopped before I sent them video.The second time I sent them a video and even after a follow up email from me heard nothing from them as to what the tech department recommended.Now it freezes up consistently at random.Eventually I will just spend the extra money and get one from a major brand with a better build and better customer service.This saddens me because I have never had to leave a bad review and was initially very happy with this product and its features, which makes me even more disappointed in the end.