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Customer Review
Wonderful Camera + EXTRAORDINARY Customer Service. Wow!!!Reviewed in the United States on March 30, 2022
I got the front and rear view camera and they are easy to set up, very clear, and work well. However after a year the rear view camera broke (I didn't attach the cable securely and when opening/closing the trunk too often it broke).I emailed Vantrue ( about my problem and they didn't hesitate to mail me a replacement for free. Unfortunately the package never arrived (most likely stolen by a package thief). When I remembered half a year later, I emailed again telling them about the lost package, thinking that they would say something like "sorry to hear that but it's outside your warranty" or something.Instead, THEY IMMEDIATELY TOLD ME THAT THEY'D MAIL ME ANOTHER ONE, and giving me a tracking number too!! I was astonished by their kindness and patience with me, not even doubting that I might have stolen it or something for a second. (I just had a terrible experience with Zmodo's customer service. So amazing to be treated like a human by Vantrue's support.)So buy this camera. Even if something goes wrong, they've got your back!