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Customer Review
Amazing product and amazing service with a few caveatsReviewed in the United States on March 20, 2022
After getting rear-ended and realizing that my Yi dash cam (while perfect for me at the time) did nothing for me when rear ended. I ordered the Vantrue camera while my car was in the shop... and it was in the shop for over THREE MONTHS!When I received the Vantrue camera, I tested it and set it and all was good to go. I even had the shop run the rear camera wire for me. As soon as I got my car back from the shop, I set up the camera with no problems and no glitches.... EXCEPT when I was installing the rear camera, I put a little too much pressure on the cable while in the USB input port and damaged the input port. I was not much pressure so I feel Vantrue can improve on that (I took the rear camera apart and found that the port was properly soldiered BUT very weak with very little mechanical support).I looked to see if I could just buy another rear camera, but could not find one. I contacted the seller to see if I could buy a rear camera and they immediately and with out hesitation sent me a new one but warned that it would take two weeks to receive.Two weeks later, here it is fresh from China along with a replacement cord!Now that is amazing customer service from any company at any level.Pros:Great productGreat customer serviceEasily configured and manual is clear and concise.Night vision is good (but not GREAT)If you use just the front camera the 4K resolution is good.Cons:Weak USB input portsCamera cannot record at full 4k resolution with rear camera installed (I knew this going in but it is still a sore point with me).Parking mode can drain your batteries so a second battery is recommended.Over all a great product and amazing customer service! for the price, you will not be disappointed.