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Customer Review
Consistent recording gaps and randomly switches timestamp to year 2020Reviewed in the United States on March 11, 2022
The whole point of having a dashcam is to record at all times when in use without missing anything and this is where this camera fails. Have it for around nine months now and it is consistently missing recordings. Observations & Dashcam settings: 1. The files names are in proper ascending sequence for both front & rear cams. 2. The timestamp is also in proper sequence with recording set to 3 minutes before it starts to write to the next file.3. Firmware is current - VTS11F.V114. Recording mode set to 1080/60 frames with a 3 minute file (1080/30 frames, same issue)4. MicroSDXC card - Samsung Evo & Evo plus 32GB & 64GB MicroSDXC (recommended by Vantrue)5. Cards formatted every 2-3 weeks when mounted in the dashcam. Dashcam settings validated at the same timeAnother concerning issue is that the timestamp on the dashcam keeps switching back randomly to year 2020 even though the dashcam settings are checked and validated when the card is formatted.Checking for an incident a couple of days ago, noticed that the date had switched back to year 2020 and the time was off by 12 hours (AM instead of PM) not to mention that a vital 3 minutes of recording was just not there. On further checking the other recordings over the past 3/4 days, noticed that the cam was consistently having such gaps even though the timestamp and the filenames (front/rear - A/B) were in proper ascending sequence.In comparison, I have an older Korean dashcam from 2013, has no GPS, uses only a 16/32GB SDXC card, records in 1080P and 8 years on, is still going strong. No issue with timestamp and no gaps in recordings ever. It is formatted whenever I can remember.It doesn't matter if this dashcam does 4K or has WiFi access or other features if it is unable to perform the very basic function which it is meant for and this is to have a continuous un-interrupted recording with the correct timestamp.I would not trust this dashcam in a vehicle.