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Customer Review
Gillespie Photography
Love the size. Hides nicely. Works great.Reviewed in the United States on July 25, 2022
I'm a dash cam nut and feel its an absolute necessity to have to protect you as a driver. Whether its wildlife, other drivers or just bad weather, these are helpful if any accident occurs. With that being said, I've used a fair amount of models. We currently run a Vantrue m2 in our van and I love how sleek it fits. I've had a dash cam in the wife's car for several years now, but she hates having a camera in her viewing area. Shes just not a fan of 'techy' stuff in her life. The M2 was a great option, but she wanted the actual mirror and not the screen.In comes the E1.... it now hides behind her rear view mirror and doesn't obstruct at all. The cables are routed so they aren't noticeable... and its now an afterthought for her. I will say, the small size does compromise the buttons/navigation. Going through the menus isn't fast due to only having "down, select, back" We are still getting used to the voice navigation, which is there, but not a complete substitute for the buttons.What's GreatSize. Size. Size. You forget about it being there, but it works as you would want it to.The manual. VanTrue by far has the best manuals/documentation out there. Pictures and easy to read.The quality to size ratio. The video isn't top of the line, but its very good still.The night vision is exceptional.What MehThe screen and buttons are a bit small, but you have to live with that compromise.No memory card. Wish it would come with it.The remote isn't all that useful.Overall, if you are looking for a small, unobtrusive dash cam, this is it.