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Peter C
Great video quality, but GPS coordinates wrong hemisphere - Resolved by VanTrue - Changed to 5 starsReviewed in the United States on July 24, 2022
2022-07-26 Update:VanTrue provided a firmware update via DropBox. I installed it and it resolved the GPS coordinate problem. Longitude is now showing up with a W for Western Hemisphere. Great customer service and very quick turnaround with a firmware fix. I am changing my review from 3 to 5 stars. I assume the patch/fix will make its way into an official firmware release and the rest of you who want correct coordinates will be able to get it soon.-------------------------2022-07-25 Update:VanTrue responded very quickly. We have established that it is not me doing something wrong like plugging power directly into the camera instead of going through the GPS mount. They were not aware of this issue but now they are and they tell me their engineers are troubleshooting the GPS coordinate problem. Also, I did a firmware update that has solved the MPH vs KM/H issue so now I can stamp videos with MPH.If they correct the problem with the coordinates I plan to revise my review to 5 stars. Video quality is great, WiFi connection works fine, the app is good, customer service and responsiveness are excellent. My E1 definitely gets warm when in use but if it doesn't cause problems I don't care, maybe that's just normal.-------------------------INITIAL REVIEWSetup was easy and the video quality is great but there appears to be a problem with the way the GPS data is being processed.It's not just mine, you can see it in every video/screenshot other reviewers have posted so far (at least the ones that include coordinates). All of them I have seen with coordinates show the longitude with an E. Maybe all the reviewers so far are in Mongolia, I don't think so because they're in the "Top Reviewers from the United States" section. The scenery in their videos and screenshots tends to confirm they are in the US.Coordinates that should be like this:N 39.5501°, W 105.7821°Are coming through like this:N 39.5501°, E 105.7821°See how the W and E are switched? Coordinates in the Western Hemisphere need a W or a negative sign to indicate they are in the Western Hemisphere. Either W 105.7821° or -105.7821°So if I enter the coordinates my new VanTrue E1 is giving me into Google Maps it shows I am somewhere in Inner Mongolia. I have been to China but I am not there now. The longitude is wrong. If I change the E to a W the location ends up being exactly correct so this is not some weird issue of the device remembering where it was when it was first made or something. The E and W are just flipped.This has the added effect of making GPS based time wrong. This is one of the clues that helps figure out what's going on. The GPS based time on my E1 is wrong by 12 hours. That implied to me the device thought it was roughly on the other side of the world so I checked longitude. You could override it by syncing the time with your phone or manually setting it but that doesn't solve the location information being wrong.I contacted VanTrue. Hopefully this is addressed in a firmware update because the video quality is great and the app is reasonably good. Overall I like the camera and I suspect this is a relatively easy issue to resolve.Also, I can't get it to stamp the video with MPH. It sticks with KM/H despite setting it to MPH. That's a minor issue for me, I'm mainly concerned about correct GPS information.The only other concern I have so far is that the unit gets fairly warm just running for a short time even when it's not in the sun. Hopefully this has been accounted for, is normal, and doesn't cause issues down the road.