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Customer Review
The Best Mini-Dash Cam you can buy? I think so.Reviewed in the United States on July 24, 2022
I purchased the Vantrue E1 almost a month ago and was unsure of what I was getting into because when it arrived, it is very small. I was surprised at how solid the box felt and as such, the dash cam was also a solid feeling device, not plasticky or of poor quality like the previous dash cam I was using.Installation of the E1 is a snap with the included cables but I highly recommend the Vantrue Hardwire kit which allows you to easily and quickly hide your wires and run power to the fusebox. It's cheap and a much better way to install your dash cam.Video on the E1 seems to go on forever with the 64GB card I purchased. I don't know how many hours fit on one card but it has lasted me weeks with my relatively short drives to work. They must use excellent compression on the video to make it last so long. The video also looks excellent as you can see in the many other videos people have provided. The included GPS sensor is a big plus for me and although I'm not sure how necessary it is now, that is the reason I upgraded to the E1 from my old system.Living in the city, I am often worried about someone breaking into the car and taking the dash cam but I feel like the E1's small size makes it hard to notice and less likely to get stolen. When I am really worried about it, I simply pull it down because it attaches with a really slick magnetic slide system that allows you to simply pop it off and put it in the your center console in seconds.In the end, I highly recommend the Vantrue E1 because it is so small so I feel like it is unlikely to get noticed and stolen if I leave it attached, the picture quality is outstanding and it was so easy to install. I am very happy with my upgrade. Great job Vantrue!