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Customer Review
A nice upgradeReviewed in the United States on July 21, 2022
I have a Vantrue N2Pro, pictures for size comparison. As you can see overall the E1 has a smaller footprint, but larger lense and screen.Where I mounted it to the windshield I can just see the bottom green light, to know that it has power. With that in mind I will use the remote a lot. Both voice commands and the remote work as advertised but I'll probably use the remote more.Setup was easy and so far has remained attached to my windshield through 100+ temperature days. I also like the magnetic mount, feels sturdy and won't detach accidently.The pictures and videos look good and I like the GPS map that plays along with a video.It is great that it has wifi built in and all the options on the camera are right there. I only question if it will be able to update via the WiFi.One issue I had was connecting via WiFi while in my truck. My truck is newer with all the bells and whistles and so it also connects to my phone. When I try to connect to the camera my truck connection would override that. Even when I went into my phone's wifi to disconnect my truck. But I did get it to work by not turning off my trucks wifi connection but instead just turning off my phone's Bluetooth. After that I got a few pop-ups from my truck begging to be reconnected but I was able to finally connect to the camera. This was my only frustration and it took me some trial and error to figure out.As for downloading pictures and videos via WiFi connection, pictures were near instant and 1 minute videos took 90 seconds.So far, I'm liking the upgrade!